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  • Brigadeiros

    outrageous flavor with Brazilian soul

  • sharing a sweet moment together

  • a reminder of sweet memories...
    and a hint of more to come

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They’re brigadeiros. Creamy, intense round bites of chocolate.

What's a Brigadeiro?

It's Brazil's favorite treat - a bite-sized chocolate delight that's sensuously creamy, a round pop of rich flavor.  And there's nothing tiny about these brigadeiros. Each bite is outrageous - intense chocolate, hand dipped in fine spices and nuts for assorted flavorful pleasures. 

Now made fresh in San Francisco with local, natural ingredients. Always gluten free.

Offered in exquisite handcrafted packaging, they caress the eyes as well as the taste buds.

We love what we do

 and we've been doing it for decades.

Renata, our chocolatier, learned to make this from her Mom and shared what she made with her friends and neighbors in their small town. A simple operation with obvious values: enjoy the process of creation, make people happy and use the best ingredients to keep them healthy.

15 Brigadeiros

Our brigadeiros are always made-to-order and made by hand in San Francisco. They're gluten-free, 95% organic and at 55 calories each, you'll taste the love, not the guilt. 

Flavors in each box
dark chocolate with sprinkles
dark chocolate with almonds
dark chocolate with pistachio
coconut and cream
milk chocolate with sprinkles

They're fresh for 3 weeks at room temperature, and for 3 months when refrigerated.

I gave a friend a cake for her engagement party. The favors and colors were out of this world! It was impossible to stop eating.

Marianna N.

tinyB chocolate was an incredible surprise. I've tried several flavors and honestly they were awesome.

Raj P.

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