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Baking with Brigadeiro: Our Recipes for a Brigadeiro Tortilla Hack and Brigadeiro Croissants

Brigadeiro doesn’t always have to be rolled into balls and covered with toppings. It’s an incredibly versatile base or complement for other desserts. You can freeze brigadeiro, spread it, melt it, drizzle it, and more, which makes it a great option for sprucing up your favorite desserts.

Here are a two of our favorite recipes which use store-bought basics and either homemade brigadeiro or one of our brigadeiro spreads (vegan and sugar-free available too!).

tinyB Chocolate Brigadeiro Spread for croissants, baking, tortillas

Recipe: Tortilla Hack – Tortilla Wrap Filled With Fruits & Brigadeiro

If you spent any time at all on TikTok during the lockdown, then you probably came across the #tortillatrend #tortillahack #wraphack trend. It’s basically a tortilla that’s filled and folded into a layered parcel of deliciousness that’s mess free and easy to eat! 

You can make savory or sweet variations of the tortilla hack. However, because we’re in the business of Brazilian chocolate treats, our version includes brigadeiro. 



  1. Place the tortilla on a chopping board
  2. From the center of the tortilla, make a cut outwards to the edge of the tortilla
  3. Visually divide the tortilla into 4 parts
  4. Starting at the cut, spread chocolate brigadeiro in the first quarter, followed by strawberries, then more chocolate brigadeiro, and then bananas (like the picture below!)Tortilla Hack with chocolate brigadeiro, strawberry, and banana
  5. Next fold the chocolate quarter on top of the strawberries and continue to fold the tortilla on top of itself
  6. Gently fry the tortilla in a non-stick or lightly greased frying pan, flipping when it is lightly browned
  7. Enjoy!

Folded sweet tortilla with chocolate brigadeiro banana and strawberry

Here is our step-by-step video for Brigadeiro Tortillas on Instagram

Recipe: Easy Chocolate Brigadeiro Filled Croissant Crescents 

Sometimes when you want to make some homemade treats but don’t really want to spend time measuring out all of your ingredients, you need to fall back on an easier option. Like store-bought crepes, croissants, or waffles. All you need to do is dress them up a little!

In this recipe, we’ll take Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (available nationwide) and fill them with a rich and delicious chocolate brigadeiro spread. It’s a two-ingredient heaven. 



  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F (or as directed on the package)
  2. Unroll the crescents on a chopping board or baking sheet
  3. Divide the crescents along the perforations into individual pieces
  4. Gently spread a teaspoon of brigadeiro spread near the wider end of each crescent
  5. spread chocolate brigadeiro on crescent croissant
  6. Roll up the dough from the wide end and shape into a crescent shape
  7. Spread out evenly on a non-stick baking tray
  8. Bake the crescent croissants until they are golden brown (approx 10-12 minutes)
  9. Serve immediately for maximum goodness!

Here is our step-by-step video for Brigadeiro Filled Crescent Croissants on Instagram

baked chocolate brigadeiro crescent croissants

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