superhero admin skills to the rescue

The Top 10 Superpowers Of An Admin

Regardless of their seniority, administrative professionals are often the connective tissue of any team and company. They’re the people that keep everyone organized, informed, and on track. They are often our unsung superheroes. Without our superhero admins, we’d all be lost. We’d be late to meetings or not even know meetings were happening, we’d be

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brigadeiro vote president

The History of the Brigadeiro

Brigadeiros. These little chocolate fudge truffles are quite possibly Brazil’s most well-known party treats. It’s part of Brazilian DNA.  However, it wasn’t always so! The origins of Brazil’s famous brigadeiro In 1946, Brazil was holding its presidential elections, and the first national election where women could vote. One of the presidential candidates was  Air Force

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empowered women

Women’s History Month: Women Who Inspire Me

This month is Women’s History Month, and even though I’m surrounded by inspiring and hard-working women at work, I’m also taking some time to reflect on how women have helped me get where I am today. A little about my story: From Brazil to the Bay Area I started making chocolate when I was 12.

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