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workplace birthday bust

Workplace Birthdays | 8 Ways To Delight Your Team

How to celebrate team birthdays in the office, at home, and virtually. Birthdays are an important life milestone for many. Of course, we celebrate them outside of work, but did you know there is a way to honor them at work too? Workplace Birthdays Are Important Too Perhaps you already do, and the situation is

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burger king workers quit

Take A Break For Happiness Sake | Improve Workplace Culture

2021 was a big year for everyone—a very big year. With the pandemic in full swing, we were all forced to deal with the never-ending deluge of personal and professional challenges associated with it. As a result, in 2022, many of us are tired, burned out, languishing, and looking to switch jobs as a way

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welcome new team members stats

Welcome New Team Members With Onboarding That Works

Onboarding a new virtual employee? Here’s how to welcome them to the team the right way.  Take a moment to think back to the last time you started a new job. Did you know what you were supposed to do on your first day? Did you know whom to ask if you had a question

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indoor team trivia

10 Indoor Team Building Activities And Ideas For 2022

Don’t Let COVID interfere with your team-building plans. It may be a new year, however many of us are probably suffering from a little Deja Vu. Pandemic life introduced many of us to the joys of remote working, social distancing, masking up, and more. Much of which *almost* felt like a memory last year. Now,

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Valentines gift box

Celebrate A Virtual Valentine’s With Friends And Family

It’s that time of year again, despite COVID. Singles Awareness Day. Galentine’s Day. The Feast of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day! For some, it’s a day full of love, candy, flowers, and gifts, but for others, it’s one of the most dreaded holidays of the year.  We believe Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for romantic

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tinyB brazilian carrot cake muffins with chocolate

Recipe: Easy Brazilian blender carrot cake with chocolate brigadeiro sauce

Brazilian carrot cake (aka Bolo de Cenoura) is a bit different from your regular carrot cake. While the first thing that might catch your eye is it’s brilliant orange color, it’s also soft, fluffy, smooth, and covered in a delicious chocolate brigadeiro sauce. This recipe is simple and easy. Just blend everything in a blender, bake, and cover with brigadeiro. It’s unlike any carrot cake you’ve ever tried!

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