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Celebrate A Virtual Valentine’s With Friends And Family

It’s that time of year again, despite COVID. Singles Awareness Day. Galentine’s Day. The Feast of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day! For some, it’s a day full of love, candy, flowers, and gifts, but for others, it’s one of the most dreaded holidays of the year. 

We believe Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for romantic lovers, but instead, a day to celebrate all of the love in your life—most notably, the love from family and friends. Valentine’s should be a time to remind these loved ones just how much you care for them. No matter where they are. No matter how long COVID or another challenge has kept you apart.

Unfortunately though, while typical Valentine’s Day alternatives like Galentine’s Day have been growing in popularity in recent years, this year it might not be as safe as usual to get together. You can thank the pandemic for that. Even though we all really need some extra social and physical contact right now, it might be best to think about some other ways you can celebrate Valentine’s safely this year.


Binge-watch Your Favorite Series Together

If you and your friends love to watch the same shows, why not host a virtual movie night? These days there are a whole host of apps (like Teleparty (Netflix), Watch Party (Hulu), Kast, and GroupWatch (Disney+)) that allow you to share content and audio via devices so you can watch the same show in unison. You can also use the chat features or set up a separate Zoom call so you can live chat during the screening. 

virtual valentine's day gifts

Organize A Gift To Enjoy Together

Surprise your friends and family with some delicious Valentine’s treats like chocolates, a self-pampering kit, or a selection of teas that you can enjoy together. Just ship everything out at least a week in advance. Then, on the day, all log onto a call to share and appreciate the treats together. Curate a playlist to enhance the moment! 


Play An Online Game Together

Multiplayer games have been gaining traction as they’re a great way for everyone to connect, share a laugh, and have fun! Games like those on Jackbox, Escape Team, Among Us, Heads Up!, and Drawize can all be played virtually. In most cases you don’t need to own a special platform and can instead play through a browser on your desktop or phone. If your friends are a competitive bunch, nominate some prizes in advance for the player who ends up with the most points. Because, why not?! 

virtual valentines day celebration kit

Make Something Delicious Together

If your group of friends or family love to create, then why not make something edible together? You could try your hand at making some Valentine’s cookies while sharing a call, or even order a specially prepared activity kit like our DIY Chocolate Brigadeiro Kit. We’ll send you and your family or friends everything they need to make their own delicious Brazilian chocolate truffles. Just set up a call, open a bottle of wine or make a fun cocktail, and get ready to roll and decorate your chocolate treats.

We can even host a live Valentine’s Day chocolate event with a host that will guide you through the chocolate making experience!

Of course there are a myriad of other ways you can celebrate together like going out for breakfast, going for a hike, or volunteering for the day. Whatever it may be, we hope you can take a moment to appreciate all those that you love in your life and everything they do for you and for others. Oh, and we hope you can have a sweet treat or two too. You deserve it! 

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