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DIY Brigadeiro Kit (serves 4)

Our Chocolate-making Party Kit is a great way to explore your creativity and sense of taste by rolling freshly made brigadeiros - no cooking necessary!
DIY instructions are included and the Kit serves 4.

Optionally, a tinyB chocolatier will lead a 60 - 90 minute video conference. Please inquire here.

The Kits arrive in a colorful package and contain 3 kinds of chocolate centers, 8 toppings and a jar of spread. 

Explore how to create truffles based on appearance, taste and texture by combining ingredients. Take part in a competition via video conference or challenge people you're sharing it with.

It's a sense and taste experience you'll remember!

SHELF LIFE -  2 weeks at room temperature. Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservativesartificial flavors or compounds. For best results, store confections at or just below room temperature in an odor-free environment. If Refrigerated, they will last longer. You can even freeze them up to  6 months

Type: DIY Kit