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Business Gift Concierge

The Gift Concierge makes it easy to Wow your valuable business relationships. Whether it's thanking a client for closed business or a referral source for a timely introduction, your gift will arrive on time and impress.

We strive to create gifts with a personal touch. Besides being gluten-free and made-to-order, our chocolate is a hidden gem among the world's treats.  They're brigadeiros: Brazil's national treat, a truffle that's extra creamy and intense. Made in San Francisco, they're 100% gluten-free and 95% organic.  

To make it easy, the Business Gift Concierge takes your list and creates delightful packages including made-to-order chocolate, a handwritten note and shipping. One less item on the to-do list.

For an extra touch, we custom-brand packaging with your logo. 

Ready to get started?

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The result is a surprise package of handmade goodness that's guaranteed to delight clients and show your appreciation.





Concierge Service

We provide you with a custom online gift portal where you can send a gift in seconds. Or schedule a one-time send and give us your entire list at once. 
We'll make sure your gifts are delivered at the right time without any additional effort from you.
All packages include a handwritten note and your business card. 

One-off or a One-Time Send

The Concierge allows you to schedule a one-time send for the Holidays or a subscription that lasts the entire year. A subscription provides a bank of gifts which you can use as needed. Ordering takes seconds with our custom gift portal.


tinyB-branded packages are $19 and $39 for 5 brigadeiros and 15 brigadeiros, respectively.  Custom-branded solutions are $39 and $55 for 8 brigadeiros and 15 brigadeiros.

Shipping to California is $6 and $8 for other states.



To learn more, fill out the form on this page and let's talk gifts.