Spring Chocolate Egg Decorating Kit

Spring Chocolate Egg Decorating Kit

Easter in Brazil is a time for friends, family, and chocolate. And lots of it. It's customary to give your closest love ones a chocolate egg and also test your creative skills by filling a chocolate egg shell with brigadeiro and toppings.

In order to share this beautiful Brazilian tradition with you all, we've come up with a special Easter egg decorating kit for you to fill your own chocolate egg. With three different brigadeiro spreads (organic and gluten-free), two spring toppings, and a piping bag, there's no limit to your creations!

Fill your own eggs, supermarket eggs, or one of Brazil's famous signature Kopenhagen chocolate Easter eggs (use the discount code below!)



- 3x brigadeiro spreads (dark chocolate, coconut, passion fruit)
- Piping bag
- 2x spring toppings 

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