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Fun Team Building Events
Chocolate Experiences that Teams Love

Make delicious Brazilian chocolate truffles, decorate chocolate popsicles and bake cookies. 
In-Person or Virtual team building events.

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In-Person Events

Have a chocolate party in your office or at an offsite.
Get together to connect, create and have fun.

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Virtual Teams

Bring your team together from across the globe.
International shipping to 52+ countries.

Introducing tinyB Chocolate for your next event

Introducing tinyB for your next team event

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We've hosted team building events for Google
Team building events for Facebook
Team building events for Genentech

Our Locations

Ages 21+ • Adults only
For 2 – 1000+ people
From $125/person

Ages 4+ • Family-friendly
For 2 – 1000+ people
From $70/person

Ages 4+ • Family-friendly
For 2 – 1000+ people
From $75/person

Ages 4+ • Family-friendly
For 2 – 1000+ people
From $65/person

Ages 21+ • Adults only
For 2 – 1000+ people
From $120/person

Ages 4+ • Family-friendly
For 2 – 1000+ people
From $65/person

Ages 4+ • Family-friendly
For 2 – 1000+ people
From $65/person

Who Doesn't Like Chocolate?

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make delicious treats, create new flavor combinations and even your own chocolate art.

It’s easy, fun and engaging for everyone.

Click below for more information:

A Cultural Experience

tinyB specializes in brigadeiro chocolate, which was invented in Brazil and is the country’s favorite treat.  Offered at parties, weddings and birthdays, it’s always the center of attention when celebrating life.

Our staff grew up with these treats.
During events, they share stories and 

virtual team building event screenshot with founder Renata

We Care

Hi, I’m Renata,

I founded tinyB Chocolate so that people could discover and enjoy my favorite treats – Brazilian truffles called “brigadeiros.”

I love seeing people try our chocolate for the first time and seeing their face light up with a “Wow!”

Everything we make is 100% natural, gluten-free and sourced locally because great ingredients create exceptional experiences.

With love,

Sustainable & Organic

We strongly believe that we need to do our part to take care of our environment. tinyB uses sustainable packaging and organic ingredients.

We are also proud to be a carbon neutral company. So every time we ship a product, we offset the carbon by planting trees in California.

chocolate brigadeiro in jar shipped for team building

tinyB Chocolate is woman-owned family-owned sustainable

Team Building Events and Chocolate Making Activities - large and small, local and worldwide...

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Teams & Events

International Shipping Available

tinyB events are easy

Simple Set-up

Our experiences are designed to be easy – no skill or cooking required. Chocolate is a great way to open people up! Everything is included in the kit, so open and enjoy.

Full Support

You can see and track all your packages from signup to delivery. Want to talk to your Event Lead before the event? We’re happy to help.


Let’s face it, chocolate is an easy sell to children anywhere. We encourage inviting family members (and no additional charge)!

Culture & Discovery

Help your team discover a little-known gem of the chocolate world: Brazilian truffles. We’ll share stories of Brazilian culture and talk about why they’re so close to Brazilians’ hearts.

Inclusive Team Events

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Whether you’re 5 or 65, in Seattle or Singapore, vegan or not, tinyB’s experiences appeal and engage.

International Teams

We’ve mailed thousands of kits to over 50 countries. Our events can be held outside of business hours, too.

Clients Who Have Hosted a tinyB Chocolate Making Team Building Event Include:

We've hosted team building events for Google
Team building events for Facebook
Team building events for Genentech

Tell us about your team and see what’s possible!

It’s plug-and-play on your end. We handle everything. It goes like this:

We send you template invitations to send out to your team. Your team members who RSVP via the link will simply fill out their name and address. (We also have templates for follow-up reminders.)We handle shipping of the chocolate making kits. Domestic shipping is included in the per-kit price. International shipping is extra.
You get access to a dashboard with tracking links, showing you who has confirmed participation and who has received their kits.
We handle all the follow up, questions, and customer service with your employees.
At the appointed time, everyone shows up on Zoom or Google Meet in their kitchen for the party, and has a grand chocolaty time with our professional chocolatier guiding the way.
Get ready to receive oodles of warm, glowing appreciation from your employees (and your boss) the next day!
It’s as simple as that!

team meeting via zoom

Of course! What kid doesn’t love chocolate making?

Our corporate clients have reported the best team building comes when the whole family comes – kids, spouses, partners.

We have kits especially for the vegans and people with nut allergies on your team. All they have to do is check a box in the initial sign up form.

Love may be the universal language—but chocolate is a close second!

Everyone loves chocolate…

That’s why chocolate making is the perfect virtual team building activity: it’s as inclusive as it gets. No company culture building activity you could imagine has more people on your team saying “Yes! I’m in!”

(And no other activity will have them thanking you so enthusiastically afterward – with a big chocolaty grin!)

bowl of brigadeiros

Your distributed team members are massively burned out from sitting in front of screens all day. Many other team building activities aimed at boosting employee experience require participants to sit and stare at their screens, which is the last thing they want to do after a long day.

In contrast, tinyB’s chocolate making events will get your employees actively and immersively engaged, on their feet, in their kitchen, creating delicious treats.

This virtual team building event engages the 5 senses! (Particularly taste and smell, in an oh-so-delightful way!)

Travel virtually to the warm sands of Brazil, where your team will be creating brigadeiros–irresistible chocolate truffles, a beloved treat in Brazil.

With chocolate making games and competitions, your employees will be laughing with delight. Itís engagement, creativity, and social connectionÖ dipped in chocolate.

And it’s perfect for their kids and partners, so everyone on your hybrid remote team can meet everyone else’s families in a fun environment… increasing the sense of community and connection within your organization.

zoom window of chocolate making

With options available for under $50 per participant, thereís simply no virtual team-building event on the market that employees love so much, for such a small investment. (International shipping is extra.) There are deluxe kit options available as well.

All events have an additional flat fee of $200, for facilitation by the chocolatier.

We can handle teams of any size, big or small!!

Get your distributed teams socializing again, and recreate the informal creative cross-pollination that can occur in-person, virtually, or through a hybrid event. Before the world went virtual, this kind of collaborative fun effort used to happen in your office hallways, at lunch, and at your after-work activities. Now it can happen both in-person and online.

There’s no cooking necessary with our stress-free brigadeiro kit. Each kit includes everything you’ll need to recreate our traditional brigadeiros at home from the finest local ingredients.

Our chocolate is gluten-free, fair trade, and free of preservatives. Vegan and nut-free options available.

If you want to bake, we also have a cookie making experience available. Use the form on this page and we can help you find the event for your team.

chocolate stuffed cookies

A tinyB chocolatier will lead a 60 to 90 minute online session for any number of participants.

First, our professional chocolatier guides your teammates on the basics of making brigadeiros, the Brazilian national chocolate treat.

Once everyone has the basics down, then the fun and games begin! We have chocolate making contests to see who can make the most flavorful and artful brigadeiros.

woman making brigadeiros

tinyB mails Kits anywhere in the US and internationally, too. Let us know who is participating, and we’ll do the rest. It’s because of this simplicity in the logistical pieces of hosting an event, that tinyB’s virtual chocolate making classes are consistently ranked in the top 5 for virtual corporate experiences offered to teams by companies.

Learn more about our chocolate, our team building events and virtual chocolate tastings.
Just enter your name and details on this page and we’ll help you find the right event for your team!

box of chocolate filled cookies

We can plan your event in as little as two weeks, whether it’s in-person, virtual, or a hybrid event!

We’re glad you asked!

Please fill out the form on this page, and that will take you to a calendar scheduling link for a conversation with one of our dedicated Chocolate Creation Consultants.

We’ll get you set up for your event in no time!

box of brigadeiro making supplies