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Renata's Story

Renata making tinyB chocolates

Hi, my name is Renata and chocolate making has been part of my life since I was 12. 

I grew up in Brazil in a town near Sao Paolo named Itapeva. As the eldest of three sisters, when my mother needed help making chocolate she chose me. Something magical happened when I touched chocolate. Word spread throughout our town and requests started to pour in.  Our chocolates became popular gifts and my mother and I, Itapeva's favorite chocolatiers. 

Of all the chocolates we made, brigadeiros were my favorite. These tiny chocolate treats are a cherished Brazilian tradition, served at birthday parties and special occasions. You can't have a Brazilian wedding without brigadeiros. A cousin of the truffle, brigadeiros have a smooth creamy texture but without a hard shell.

After I left home, I never thought I would make brigadeiros again until I fell in love with my husband in San Francisco. When we had our dream wedding on the beach in Brazil, of course we had brigadeiros. My husband loved them so much I began making them for him. We knew San Francisco would love brigadeiros too. That's how tinyB was born.

Our tinyB's are about sharing care, love and attention. The kind of warmth you feel when you're a guest in a friend's home, at a family celebration or spending a cozy evening with someone you love.

Just like when I made them in my hometown in Brazil, I still make each brigadeiro by hand here in San Francisco.

I hope you enjoy them.