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Tactics To Enhance Teamwork And Make The Dream Work

Effective teamwork was a challenge before the pandemic. Now, with remote and hybrid working environments, it’s even harder. As some of us start to return to the office and connect ‘in real life’ again, it’s likely we all need a little boost or reset to get our teams working like well oiled machin... Read More

Don't Let The Supply Chain Take Your Holiday Party Down

You’ve seen the headlines and likely been impacted: Global supply chains have been upended and it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve any time soon. COVID is currently the biggest contributor to the chaos. Consumers have been driving up demand with a flood of online purchases. Lockdowns and s... Read More

5 Communication Development Activities For Teams That WORK!

Few things impact team culture, productivity, and morale more than communication at work. It's the glue that holds teams together. Good communication leads to higher productivity and strong team engagement, while poor communication can lead to confusion, missed deadlines, turnover, and general fr... Read More

What are brigadeiros?

  Brigadeiro is one of Brazil’s most loved and devoured desserts. But what are they?Brazilian truffles? Chocolates? Brownie balls? Fudge balls? Caramels?They’re hard to describe. They’re like the fudgy cousin of a chocolate truffle, just without the hard shell. Traditionally made with milk or dar... Read More

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Boost Employee Morale. It Matters. Here's Why (and How!)

It seems intuitive that good workplace morale and happier employees are better for your company culture and your bottom line. But why are they better? And by how much?Happier employees are more productive, have less turnover, are more satisfied with their jobs, and are intrinsically motivated to ... Read More

5 Common Pitfalls Of Remote Team Building & How To Avoid Them

Team building is hard. And yes, remote team building is even harder. The truth is, bringing remote employees together to connect and collaborate on a personal level (without feeling like they’re still working) is challenging. There’s nothing like spending several extra hours on Zoom for a virtual... Read More

Organizing Your Next Company Holiday Event? Planning Ahead is Key to a Successful Party.

Holiday parties aren’t always everyone’s favorite, but they’re a staple on many company calendars. And for good reason. If your company holiday events consist of bowls of supermarket snacks and takeaway pizzas in your conference room while watching a PowerPoint of this year’s achievements, you’re... Read More

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